We don’t just fill job openings. We help our clients hire heroes.

In today’s evolving and competitive talent market, we know quality candidates matter more than quantity. You need exceptional talent who knows their category and their craft. We separate the legitimate contenders from the noise. We bring over three decades of experience to your search. Our industry expertise is deep. Our network is vast. We give you the competitive advantage you need to meet the complex hiring challenges of the current business landscape.


We help some of America's most respected consumer brands find specialized marketing, creative, category management, eCommerce, and  sales talent they need to tell their story and grow their brand.

From household names in the food and beverage space to retail brands, our clients and candidates lean on our experience and expertise to help them find the right talent and the right opportunities.

Specialized Expertise

Market Hero talent partners are victorious at finding people who know your industry and understand what it takes to make your brand’s story resonate. Our specialized knowledge and focused expertise in the consumer brand space can result in a deeper understanding and more tailored solutions.

Personalized and Premium Services

As a specialty executive search and staffing agency, we prioritize personalized service. Our close client-candidate relationships enable individualized attention and customization for an unparalleled experience.

Agile and Adaptable Approach

More agile and adaptable. We can pivot quickly to address changing client needs or market trends without bureaucratic hurdles often found in larger corporations.

Curated Candidate Pool for Exceptional Talent

Discover our meticulously curated candidate pool, tailored to deliver elite marketing, creative, category management, eCommerce and sales professionals for your business demands. We go beyond recruiting. We get to know the people behind the resume. We take time to learn the stories behind their experience. By understanding what motivates and inspires them, we find the best fit for your opportunities.  


Our candidates’ possess a diverse range of marketing, creative, and merchandising, including brand management, category management, eCommerce, digital marketing, content creation, sales, creative and design.


With years of experience in the industry and rigorous vetting our candidates bring valuable expertise to your team.

Faster Decision-Making for Better Client Results

At Market Hero, swift decisions meet client needs efficiently. Our streamlined, agile approach guarantees prompt responses and faster placements.


Client-Centric Approach and Tailored Solutions

We prioritize building and nurturing strong relationships with clients. We focus on client satisfaction resulting in a more tailored approach to meeting specific business needs.  

Emphasizing Cultural Fit  

At Market Hero, we understand the importance of cultural in the recruitment process. We believe that finding candidates who align with your company’s values and work culture is crucial for long-term success. 

Why Cultural Fit Matters

Cultural fit is crucial; it unifies teams, boosts productivity, and nurtures a cohesive work environment, vital for long-term success in any organization.

Our Approach

We meticulously evaluate candidates' values and work styles for seamless integration into your company's distinct culture, fostering highly cohesive and productive teams.

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Happy clients

Read what our clients have to say about us

Divya L.
Talent Acquisition Leader
Amy is an amazing asset for any organisation. Her in depth knowledge in technology in Talent Acquisiton space is outstanding. She brings wealth of knowledge in Talent Solutions space which is systems knowledge. She is a great team player who do not hesitate to help her peers at any given point of time despite of the time differences. I would highly recommend her.
John D.
Founder & President
Understanding what you are trying to accomplish with hiring is where Amy, and Market Hero, differentiates themselves against other recruiting and staffing agencies. Her approach of listen first to truly understand the role and your constraints when sourcing talent allows you to have confidence when you sit down with a person and know they are worth your time. Amy sourced multiple positions for me and she is the best in her field I have had the pleasure to work with. I will always use Market Hero for my recruiting needs.
Alex D.
Vice President
I worked with Amy where she was leading many recruiting efforts for our Retail Key Account team including Category Leadership. She did a great job in matching quality candidates for multiple roles that had a wide assortment of different responsibilities. The result was the creation of an amazing team that today is extremely successful in working with retailers across the US on their Category Development and resulting in Category Captaincies. She was able to match up good personalities for our teams culture and dynamic, but also fit the specific requirements to perform at highest levels.
Jordan N.
Vice President of Sales
I had the pleasure of working with Amy while she was recruiting for our massive growth. Her follow up and process is fantastic. She was able to post roles for a variety of needs, recommend top talent and assist with the multiple levels of interview process to insure the best hires. She is thoughtful and cares for both the client and the candidate.
Sylvester S.
VP of Sales
Amy Stein has been an absolute superstar to work with and champion our talent requirements! She's a dedicated, intelligent and compassionate leader in the personnel recruitment and hiring field. I could readily,easily reach Amy with my requirements and concern, and without exception she resolved all in short order. I can honestly say she's the top talent professional I've worked with in nearly 25 years. Bring her your personnel requirements and be prepared to be completely pleased with the results. Amy, thank you for all you've done, hope to work with you again!
Carmela F.
Senior Tech Recruiter
It was a pleasure to work with Amy. She would always make time whenever I had a question or need assistance. She has been very influential when it comes to brainstorming ideas and resolving issues. She is definitely a great asset and I would partner with her again if given the opportunity.

Get to know us

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services and processes.

What We Offer

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of premium staffing services tailored to meet your business needs. Our services, range from project-based placements to executive search, elevating your team’s capabilities.

Applying for Opportunities

Submitting your resume is simple! You can easily upload your resume through our user-friendly online portal or get in touch directly with our dedicated recruitment team. Check out our current job openings and follow the provided application instructions.

Industries We Serve

Our team of experts specializes in various industries, including food and beverage, retail, entertainment, beauty, grocery and convenience, just to name a few. We prioritize a personalized approach, ensuring our services align perfectly with your unique staffing requirements.

Expertise in Marketing, Creative, Category Management, and Sales Positions

Our expertise lies in the realms of marketing, creative, category management, eCommerce, merchandising, and sales, positions. We focus on aligning highly qualified candidates with job opportunities that perfectly complement their skills and passions. 

The Hiring Process

Our hiring process is collaborative and comprehensive. From our initial consultation to application review, interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks, we work closely with candidates and clients for successful placements every step of the way.

Timeframe for Filling Positions

We understand the value of time. The duration to fill an opening varies based on factors such as position complexity, industry demand, and specific requirements. Our commitment is to prioritize efficiency without compromising quality.

What Sets Us Apart

Our ethos sets us apart. Our personalized approach, industry expertise, and deep commitment to building long-term relationships distinguish us. We focus not just on understanding your business but understanding you.

Nationwide Services

Our services span from coast to coast, offering a broad reach to assist clients and candidates across various locations, ensuring geographical distance never hinders finding the perfect match.

Ensuring Candidate Quality

Quality is our standard, not just a checkbox. We implement meticulous screening processes, including skills assessments, interviews, reference checks, and qualifications verification, ensuring the highest quality candidates for your team.

Pricing Structure

We craft a unique pricing structure tailored to your specific needs and service requirements. Start a conversation with our team for a personalized consultation and detailed pricing discussions. 

Executive Search, Temporary, Project, and Direct Hire Solutions

Whether you need executive search, temporary staffing, project-based, or direct hire solutions, our services cater to diverse needs, ensuring support for your unique staffing requirements.

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